Miso Pickles

Chrysanthemum Burdock Miso Pickles(Pesticide-free)

The botanical name of chrysanthemum burdock is “Mori Azami” (Chrysanthemum Thistle), because the cut resembles a flower of chrysanthemum, our shop called “Chrysanthemums Miso Pickles”.

This mountain burdock pickled at highland is pickled in pure rice miso, one by one, it is crispy and fragrant pickles. We used natural salt and completely agrochemical soybean and rice, and charged it to soybean 10 at a ratio of rice 15 to rice. Therefore, it became more refreshing sweetness and mellow taste than ever, making it easier to eat. Of course, synthetic additives are not used at all.
Also recently it has been in the limelight as a natural food.


Salt content is less. Although bags may rarely expand, this is because miso is alive and there is no change in taste. In the summer I think that it was better to put it in the refrigerator.
As for the way to eat, it is to wash off miso, cut it diagonally with the thickness divided into two, and eat early. As time goes by, the beauty of candy in the corner comes dark and the taste falls.
It is particularly suited for alcoholic drinks, rice dishes, rice dishes, Ochazuke, hand-rolled sushi rolls, rice balls and the like.
The remaining miso can also be enjoyed in a cucumber pickles or in miso soup and it will be the flavor can be enjoyed.


Chrysanthemum Potato Miso Pickles
The Potato Pickles belongs to the Asteraceae and is a plant with a strong vitality. In addition, it has crisp crunch and unique sweetness and is preferred by many people.


Matsutake Mushrooms Pickles
The Tono region is known as a village of Matsutake from ancient times. Matsutake mushroom festival is held every autumn especially in Ena city. The highest class pickles picked one whole bottle of carefully selected matsutake, moderately mixing the elegant sweetness white miso and “Daiginjo” sake lees in Hirukawa village. You can enjoy “Matsutake”.
As for how to eat, wipe well and sliced. It goes well with alcoholic drinks, Ochazuke(japanese boiled rice with tea dish) etc.
Of course, synthetic additives etc. are not used at all.